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Just Jewels is one of the most recent additions to Novomatic’s range of online slot games, and this is exemplified by the advanced graphics and crystal clear layout. The game is somewhat unique in that it takes the phrase ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ to heart and targets primarily female players, particularly those who are taking their first steps in the world of online casino gaming.


The game’s premise is familiar. Underneath the extensive work that has gone into creating and implementing the theme, there is a very sturdy and reliable five reel, ten win line slot. Rather than fruits or playing card symbols, the game’s basic symbols consist of a number of gems, jewels and diamonds. They are combined with a range of luxurious bonus symbols which include crowns, gold bars and stacks of cold, hard cash.

The slot eliminates the typical bonus game found in many themed slot games. Instead, players are given a unique opportunity on every spin. Rather than every win needing to start from the left most reel, winning spins can begin on the second or third reel, increasing the win chances on every spin rather than relying on a special bonus function.

No matter which reel the win starts on, a winning spin gives the player the opportunity to gamble their prize. The gamble game in Just Jewels is one of Novomatic’s traditional favourites, with the player having to choose between a red and black ace. If the player is correct, their prize is doubled and they can either collect the increased amount or gamble again up to 1,000 times their original win. The gamble feature is not to everyone’s taste, but is a lucrative opportunity for those that are so inclined.

Just Jewels is also one of several Novomatic games that offer a deluxe version. These versions offer the same play style, but with a greater focus on aesthetics and audio features. In the case of Just Jewels, it takes a great, popular game and refines it to make it even better and more immersive. Most online casinos that carry Just Jewels among their product offering include both the classic and deluxe versions, giving players the option of a more simplistic interface and a highly entertaining, graphically superior version.


One of the main features of all Novomatic online slots is the return to player percentage (RPP). Many casual players do not take this return rate into account, but it is a hugely important figure. Just Jewels offers one of the highest RPPs in the industry, at between 95% and 99%. In effect, this means that 95-99% of all money inserted into the slot is returned to players, leaving a house edge of between 5% and 1%. To put this into perspective, many land based casinos offer RPPs of between 40% and 70%. This also makes the deposit bonus more lucrative. If a player receives a €100 bonus, that money is paid out to the player at the same high rate.

Overall, Just Jewels caters to both those who like shiny objects and those that want a unique slot experience. Very few slots offer the opportunity to win prizes by matching symbols from the second or third reel, and this adds an entirely new dimension to the slot machine genre.

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